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Model-Driven Retrieval of Model Repositories

Stefano Celentano, Lorenzo Furrer

Model-Driven Development (MDD) is a software development methodology that focuses on the creation and maintenance of domain models as the primary form of expression in the development cycle. One of the fundamental characteristics of such approach is the reuse of software artifacts through their model representation. However, software reuse is impaired by the fact that current systems lack an efficient way to search through the model repositories as many of the current solutions don't tackle the relationships between model artifacts. These relationships are instead important to better satisfy the user information need in a model-driven development scenario.

This thesis aims to define a model-driven methodology for creating model search engines. As opposed to many related works, this methodology is metamodel-independent and exploits the metamodel of the searched project models in order to obtain more precise results. A prototype has been implemented to support such methodology.
We address two case studies that deal with the indexing and the retrieving of models from two different collections of UML and WebML projects respectively. Each case study involves several experiments adopting different indexing strategies. Finally, after having manually built the ground truth for each repository, we performed various tests using established Information Retrieval measures like DCG, MRR, MAP, Precision and Recall in order to evaluate the results.

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