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Application and Simplification of BPM Techniques for Personal Process Management

Marco Brambilla.  "Application and Simplification of BPM Techniques for Personal Process Management". BPMS2 Workshop at BPM 2012.


With the advent of Web 2.0 and online social interactions, people started sharing thoughts, contents and tasks online. This evolved to cover also socialization of task management, which is currently supported by a plethora of online services directed to the nal user. However, all these tools share a common weakness: they don't provide any way for structuring the interactions, dependencies or constraints between tasks. This paper discusses a vision towards the application of BPM techniques and tools to personal task management. The challenge of this roadmap is nding the appropriate level of complexity of processes: the language for modeling such processes should be complete enough for describing basic processes but also simple enough to let people understand, accept and use them in their everyday life. Therefore, our proposal describes how to strip o some of the expressive power of enterprise business processes, so as to accommodate end user needs and acceptance.

Paper Type: 
Scientific/Research paper at International Workshop
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Personal Processes
Social BPM

A demonstration video of our tool is on YouTube:

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