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Engineering Web Search Engine and Applications

Alessandro Bozzon, Marco Brambilla. Engineering Web Search Applications. Half-day tutorial at ICWE 2010, International Conference on Web Engineering, Vienna, Austria. July 5th 2010.  Benatallah, B.; Casati, F.; Kappel, G.; Rossi, G. (Chairs).


With the advent of the Web, search has become the prominent paradigm for information seeking, both across the online space and within enterprises. Search frameworks and components can be used to build search-based applications in diverse vertical fields. However, no precise engineering methods and approaches have been devised for this class of applications.

This tutorial, offered at the 10th International Conference on Web Engineering, presents the peculiarities of advanced Web search applications, describes some tools and techniques that can be exploited, and offers a methodological approach to development. The approach proposed in this tutorial is based on the paradigm of Model Driven Development (MDD), where models are the core artifacts of the application life-cycle and model transformations progressively refine models to achieve an executable version of the system. To cope with the process-intensive nature of the main interactions (i.e., content analysis, query management, etc.), we describe the use of Process Models (e.g., BPMN models). Indeed, search-based applications are considered as process- and content-intensive applications, due to the trends towards exploratory search and search as a process visions.

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Tutorial at International Conference
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Search Computing
Search Engine
Web Engineering
Development process
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